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GCC is the official GNU C Compiler which is bundled with many Unix and Linux distributions. This article assumes that you are planning to build Odamex at the command line. If you are using an IDE that uses GCC as its compiler, please refer to the IDE's documentation in this wiki on how to compile Odamex.

Compiling in a nutshell

Compiling using GCC is simple. Simply go to the root directory of the branch that you want to compile and type:


This will compile the client, the server and the master, one after another. If you want to compile them one at a time, simply use one of the following commands:

make client
make server
make master

That's it!

Compiling the Launcher

Assuming you have the WX libraries installed, and you are in the trunk directory of SVN (or the root source directory), the following should be enough to compile the Launcher:

cd odalaunch
wx-config --prefix        # find out what to pass to the makefile as WXBASE
make WXBASE=/usr          # replace with appropriate value

This should give you a working launcher. The Makefile makes some assumptions about the whereabouts of WX, and if these assumptions are wrong, they need to be configured via commandline as WXBASE was above. Here is a list of the default settings:

WXBASE = /usr/local
WXCONFIG = $(WXBASE)/bin/wx-config
WXRC = $(WXBASE)/bin/wxrc
CFLAGS = $(shell $(WXCONFIG) --cflags) -g
LFLAGS = $(shell $(WXCONFIG) --libs) -g

Platform-specific notes

Package Based Distributions

Be sure to install the development packages for SDL and other libraries under distributions such as Fedora and Ubuntu. Odamex will not compile unless they are present.


FreeBSD has their own version of make, which is not compatable with Odamex. In order to compile under FreeBSD, you must install gmake from the ports collection:

Then, substitue gmake for make, respectively.

When compiling the launcher on FreeBSD, you must also edit the Makefile so that it points to the correct wx binaries. First, make sure you have the x11-toolkits/wxgtk28 port installed. (Odamex requires 2.8. 2.6 and 2.4 will not work.) Then, edit the makefile, changing the lines:

WXCONFIG = wx-config

WXRC = wxrc


WXCONFIG = wxgtk2-2.8-config

WXRC = wxrc-gtk2-2.8

After that, running "gmake" in the odalaunch/ directory will build the launcher. Typing "gmake install" (as root) in the odamex source directory will then install the launcher on the system.


Unfortunately, SDL does not always play ball with cygwin's headers. The biggest offender has been a conflict between <SDL_config_minimal.h> and <stdint.h>. You may need to edit the following two lines in <SDL_config_minimal.h>:

  • typedef signed int int32_t;
  • typedef unsigned int uint32_t;

To read:

  • typedef signed long int int32_t;
  • typedef unsigned long int uint32_t;

Also there is one extra step you have to do before compiling. You must edit the makefile in the root of the branch you want to compile. The two things you must change are SDL_LOCATION and SDL_MIXER_LOCATION, and you have to modify these two lines to point to the directories where you extracted your SDL and SDL_Mixer development libraries, respectively.