Hacker's Guide

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Code structure

Conventional file prefix

  • am_*: automap related code
  • c_*: console related code
  • cl_*: client only code
  • d_*: game/net code
  • f_*: finale related code
  • g_*: game related code
  • hu_*: hud related code
  • i_*: system/hardware dependant code
  • m_*: ???
  • p_*: game/object related code
  • r_*: render related code
  • s_*: sound related code
  • sv_*: server only code
  • st_*: ???
  • v_*: video related code
  • wi_*: intermission related code
  • z_*: memory allocation related code

Files of interest

  • i_main.cpp: application entry point

Style and guidelines

  • Avoid C style strings. Replace them with C++ types where it is safe to do so.
  • Code defensively and securely
  • Do not add globals
  • Code for clarity
  • Maintain traditional naming conventions
  • Respect existing code