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What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. By using an IRC client to connect to a certain server and channel, you can communicate with the development team and other fans of Odamex in real time. Knowing the ins and outs of IRC is beyond the scope of this document, however, so read the IRC wikipedia article for more information.

Some recommended IRC clients are:

  • mIRC: Windows client (GUI, Shareware).
  • X-Chat: Windows/UNIX client (GUI, Open Source)
  • irssi: Windows/UNIX client (Terminal, Open Source)

Online based IRC clients:

What is #odamex?

#odamex is the name of the channel on the OFTC IRC server where developers and fans of Odamex can discuss various aspects of Odamex, from general Odamex chat to more specific things like suggestions for the website. Please note that bug reports, while appreciated, will not be responded to unless they have been posted in the bug tracker.

What are the rules of #odamex?

For any basic service provided by anyone, some rules must be followed, and these are some for the IRC channel. Some of the more obvious rules are as follows:

  • Spamming will not be tolerated, such as posting huge loads of text into the channel, doing this fills up logs and wastes disk space, we have a pastebin for that.
  • Racism, hate, threats, harassment and even just calling people names and/or being derogatory will not be tolerated.
  • Discussions about (selling) drugs
  • Trading/linking warez and/or warez sites
  • Linking porn sites (including pay sites) and/or disturbing/disgusting images (eg NSFW) is not tolerated.
  • Topics such as bestiality, rape, incest, dd comix (and all remakes/parodies/derivatives) and pedophilia are obviously prohibited

In addition, there are a few more rules that are a little less obvious, but just as important:

  • Continuous offtopic chat - we understand that this is a fun, open community, but this place is also primarily for Odamex and anything directly related to it.
  • Venting on something. Please, do it somewhere else.
  • Source port wars, including "Odamex is better than port X" or vice versa.
  • Dropping lines such as "Odamex does not work" or "Odamex crashes" and then not telling us WHY it does what it shouldn't, comments like these will just be discarded by devs or other staff members by default.
  • Rambling on in the channel while intoxicated under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Please do not force us to babysit you.
  • Details of cheating or hacking methods in Odamex. If you have found a way to cheat or exploit in Odamex, please report it on the bug tracker.
  • Away messages, noone cares about them, you can find a good article about them here
  • Clan related activity should be moved to an appropriate channel/network

These rules will be enforced and can change (we'll usually make an announcement to such), so please be aware.

What happens if a rule is broken?

As a general follow-up to rules, some consequences must be put in place if one breaks the rules. Here is a small list of what consequences exist, which will be put in order upon breach of the rules:

  • A warning.
  • A second warning.
  • Kick-ban

More severe consequences are in place to help protect our users, these include:

  • An auto-kick for a month
  • An auto-kick for an entire year
  • Permanent auto-kick.

Why so many rules?

They only look that way on paper. In reality, if you are a well behaved IRC citizen, you will rarely run into problems. In a nutshell, please just be a good IRC citizen, we honestly do not want to take action against anyone causing trouble. The best thing you can do is help us, to keep the community strong and keep such trouble-makers out of it.

Where is #odamex located?

  • Server:
  • Channel: #odamex
  • #odamex mIRC/X-Chat connect link