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Odamex 0.6.1 Changelog


  • If a map used ACS to set aircontrol and went to the next map, the new map continued to use the aircontrol of the previous map instead of what was set for sv_aircontrol. Fixed.
  • You can now right-click a server in Odalaunch to get a server's IP.
  • Fixed tutti-frutti on tall sky and wall textures that did not have a power-of-two height.
  • Fixed an issue with spectators not being able to walk properly on steep slopes.
  • Fixed an issue with the point of view not being properly reverted when a client was spectating a teammate and switched teams (and vice versa).
  • Fixed broken spawn point behavior on coop Hexen-format maps.
  • Fixed CTF flags not spawning when the cooperative bitflag was not set.
  • Fixed an issue with non-scaled HUD patches crashing due to being size 0.
  • Fixed an issue with viewpitch not being centered when going through teleport.
  • Alt + F4 and closing the client via the window "X" no longer brings up the quit game prompt, it simple closes the client.


  • Added the ability to view a player's health, ammo, and weapon animation when a player is being viewed with spynext.
  • Added a new announcer system. The player can now control if they want their announcer to be possessive or team color-based. Gametype sounds and announcer sounds are now separate and on two different channels.
  • Added a new announcer sounds courtesy of Manc.
  • Added an experimental cvar co_blockmapfix (default disabled) that fixes hit-scan collision on actors that overlap more than one blockmap. This is useful due to vanilla Doom having a bug that had some shots appear to hit but do not do the damage they are intended to.
  • Added the "turnspeeds" command. This allows players to adjust the speed that they turn with *left or *right.
  • Associating .odd files with the Odamex client will now load Odamex and automatically play the demo. Thanks Xyltol for the patch!
  • Added sv_countabs (default on). When disabled, players that do not vote are now ignored instead of counting as "no."
  • The vanilla disk loading icon now displays when the in-game cache is being updated.
  • Added the allowing of arbitrary window sizes, as well as fixed a bug for the maximized non-fullscreen windows being cut off the bottom.
  • Added the ability to view a player's proper pitch with spynext.
  • Added r_enemycolor and r_teamcolor to override color choice of enemies and teammates respectively. These can be enabled with r_forceenemycolor and r_forceteamcolor (default disabled).
  • Added a small cosmetic feature to tint the players in team games to a darker shade of red or blue based on their normal player colors.
  • Added 'spy.' This will allow a player to view a player immediately with a playerid number.
  • Added 'flagnext.' This will immediately view a player that is currently holding a flag.
  • Added sv_maxplayersperteam. 'Nuff said.
  • Added several cosmetic improvements to ag-odalaunch, notably the server lock, spectator, and team color icons.
  • When viewing another player via spynext, their sounds are now heard.
  • Added several console optimizations and bringups, including the fixing of aliases that contain parameters.
  • Added several ZDoom 1.23 actors, notably thing thrusters. See bug 858 for more info.
  • Added several renderer optimizations courtesy Dr. Sean.


  • Nothing