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Odamex offers server operators a variety of ways to maintain compatibility with vanilla Doom behavior or choose other types of behavior.

Boom Enhanced Behavior

Allow Dropoffs

This is a latched variable, and only takes effect after a map change.

Usage: co_allowdropoff (0-1)

When enabled, monsters can get pushed or thrusted off of ledges, like in Boom, ZDoom, and other modern engines.

Boom Linedef Check

Usage: co_boomlinecheck (0-1)

When enabled, additional checks are made on two-sided lines, allows additional silent bfg tricks, and the player will "oof" on two-sided lines.

Boom Sector Touch Check

Usage: co_boomsectortouch (0-1)

When enabled, only those things which actually touch the sector in which ceiling of floor height is changing will have their position checked (and possibly changed), as Boom does. When disabled, all things linked to all blockmap cells which touch the moving sector will have their positions checked (and adjusted to fit), like vanilla Doom. The effect is that moving floors/ceilings can cause some nearby things which are stuck to move up abruptly. (Those things will often appear to float in the air after that). If any thing would still be stuck after the movement, the movement will fail (unless it's a crusher). In version 0.6.3, if co_zdoomphys is enabled, co_boomsectortouch should also be enabled, because it makes Odamex's behavior closer to that of ZDoom's.

EXM8/MAP08 Full Volume Toggle

This is a latched variable, and only takes effect after a map change.

Usage: co_level8soundfeature (0-1)

When enabled, plays sounds at full volume (regardless of distance) on eXm8 or map08. Though enabling this cvar is default behavior for Doom, Odamex chooses to turn this off by default due to player input.

Real Actor Heights

Usage: co_realactorheight (0-1)

When enabled, players, monsters, and other solid objects will be able to pass over or under each other according to their defined pixel heights. When disabled, actors will be infinitely tall and not able to pass over or under each other. Disabled by default to maintain vanilla compatibility.

ZDoom Enhanced Behavior

ZDoom Physics

Usage: co_zdoomphys (0-1)

When enabled, Odamex will use ZDoom-based gravity and physics interactions. This is a feature commonly used with the "Capture The Flag" game mode.

Some of the changes this enables are:

  • Two-Way Wallruns
  • ZDoom gravity & air aontrol
  • ZDoom item pickups (can pick up items when 32 units above)
  • ZDoom splash damage (rocket jumps)

ZDoom Sound Curve

Usage: co_zdoomsoundcurve (0-1)

When enabled, Odamex will use ZDoom's sound curve.

ZDoom Switch Sound Origin

Usage: co_zdoomswitch (0-1)

When enabled, switch sounds attenuate with distance like plats and doors. When disabled, the sound of a resetting switch will always come from map coordinates (0,0) like vanilla Doom.

Odamex Enhanced Behaviors


Usage: sv_gravity (#)

The amount of gravity forced upon players. The default value for gravity is 800.

Air Control

Usage: sv_aircontrol (#)

The amount of control a player has over their direction while in the air. The default value for air control is 0.00390625.