Capture The Flag

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For an explanation of the gamemode, refer to How to Play.

CTF Server Settings


Usage: ctf_flagtimeout (#)

This cvar determines how long it takes for a flag to be automatically returned to its pedestal. To timeout, the flag must be off its pedestal and not be held by a player. The value is measured in seconds.

If this cvar is set to 0, the flag will never be returned in a timeout. This should only be used on maps with no places that the flag can get stuck permanently (voids, lava pits, etc). Use with caution.

NOTE: If the value is changed while a flag(s) has been dropped, the flag will internally still hold the old time out value. So the old timeout will need to be extinguished before the new one takes effect or the flag gets picked up and dropped again


Usage: ctf_flagathometoscore (0-1)

This cvar determines what conditions a team can score under. If set to 0, a team can score by passing the enemy flag over their pedestal regardless of their own flag's current position. If set to 1 (default), a team's flag must be on their pedestal to score.


Usage: ctf_manualreturn (0-1)

This cvar changes the behavior of how a flag is returned by a player. If set to 0 (default), simply touching your own flag away from its pedestal will return it automatically and instantly.

If set to 1, a player will be required to manually return their flag to their pedestal. Note that under these conditions, a player can carry both their own flag and the enemy flag at the same time.

Relevant Teamplay CVARs

For more information on relevant teamplay cvars, see sv_gametype.