Ending Games

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Unlike the original Doom games where the only way to exit or end a stage was to press the exit switch, Odamex server operators can utilize more modern methods of ending games if they choose. All of these variables are useful when creating a Map List.


Usage: sv_fraglimit (#)

Ends a game when the specified number of frags is reached. If set to 0, no fraglimit is enforced.


Usage: sv_timelimit (#)

Ends a game after the server has been on a map after a specified period of time. Time is measured in minutes. If set to 0, no timelimit is enforced.


Usage: sv_scorelimit (#)

Typically used for Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch. Ends a game when the specified score is reached.

In Capture the Flag mode, the score is calculated by flags captured. In Team Deathmatch, the score is calculated by a team's combined frags.

If set to 0, no scorelimit is enforced.

Other Useful Map Related Commands/CVARs


Usage: sv_allowexit (0-1)

If enabled, this cvar will allow clients to exit the map using an exit switch at any time. An exit by a player will send the server to the nextmap if a map list exists.


Usage: sv_fragexitswitch (0-1)

If enabled, this cvar will automatically kill any player who tries to use the exit switch during a game. Some modern wads have been designed with this type of behavior in mind.


Usage: sv_intermissionlimit (#)

Server controlled intermission timer. Time is measured in seconds. The variable defaults to 10 seconds and does not display in coop.