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Whats up yall,

If you are interested in competitive dueling, check out -  -  a new server cluster/website tracking your games, stats, and ranks on an ELO ladder!  Currently in beta testing phase with an open Duel ladder (ZDDL settings)  Break out that BFG :)

Ladder snapshot:
(you know I am this good!!)

Some Stats:

Servers:  Duel Ladder Test Server #1 (NYC)  ---  Duel Ladder Test Server #2 (NYC)  ---


New features & game modes to come. 
ALSO: the wad being used is duel2020.wad by hobomaster.... it is awesome! 

See you out there -

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Very nice stuff, for sure !

However, something makes me wonder : how could one create a server with your ELO stats ? Does it need another server binary ?
Your friendly BaseQ admin. :P