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Every now and again I host (and by that I mean Best Ever hosts) a server with the egotistical prefix "Kass Klassix", usually with the intent to play some odd old wads. Over the course of hosting these I've assembled a bunch of map compilations, music wads, coop patches, and demos that may as well be dumped in everyone's lap. If you don't like all those little links, you can see all of it here.

Map Compilations:
A good amount of wads aren't played cooperatively online simply because they're too short, so I compiled these to address that. Also worth a download if you're just too lazy to download a bunch of seperate maps and want one cohesive playthrough.

Mike Hardie's Daedalus Series
Not to be confused with Team TNT's Daedalus, this is a 6-map episode made out of Mike Hardie's CompuServe goodies.
-Compilation includes DAEDLUS2.wad (MAP01-4), and DAEDLUS3.wad (MAP05-6).
-Included with DAEDALUS3.wad was a seperate wad called D3SPRITE.wad, which contained graphics for a chaingun replacement that did not work in-game. The author explains in the textfile that he couldn't figure out how to include them properly, and he urged whoever downloaded the wad to find a way to include them. So I did. I'm such a stand-up guy.

Dickie Series
Compilation of Richard Wiles' Dickie series into a 10-map episode. If you liked his Crusades or Slayer episodes, you may want to check it out. Also includes the following updates:
-Adds the cloudy Plutonia sky to DICKIE02 (map02). The textfile mentions that the map uses this sky, but oddly it wasn't included in the actual map (which the textfile also hints may have been due to a playtester that didn't like it). Well *I* like the Plutonia sky, so I put it back. Sue me.
-Made the initial Walk-once teleport in map02 repeatable. This is so players won't get trapped in the start room.

Dystopia Series
Compilation of Iikka Keränen and Anthony Czerwonka's Dystopia series. If you like super-colorful maps with compact and fun layouts (who doesn't) then you'll enjoy oooh 12 maps out of this 13-map episode (Dystopia 2 I'm looking at you).
-Compilation including Dystopia 3 (MAP01-11), Dystopia 3 add-on level (MAP12), and the original Dystopia 2 (MAP13). If you're wondering where Dystopia 1 is, its just the Heretic version of Dystopia 2, so not included.

Hellrazor Compilation
A 9-map episode consisting of John Diamond's Hellrazor episode, and Patrick Martin's various maps inspired by said-episode. Simple but neat minimalist architecture that makes good use of Doom's darker textures. The first seven maps don't use hitscanners at all, then they're all poured on you for the final couple of maps. Since all maps but map09 don't have custom music, we played this pack with the 80SROCK music wad found below.
-Compilation including helrzor.wad (MAP01-6), Blackgate (MAP07), Y.A.B. (MAP08), and Dark Eden (MAP09).

Krause Megawad (with normal doom2 music)
Krause Megawad (with its original arrangement..see note)
A 15-map megawad consisting of Michael Krause's individual releases, from earliest to latest. You might recognize his runbuddy.wad from the Doomworld top 10 list. His typical map is giant, spacious, and architecturally impressive. Perfect for coop/survival with a large group of players. Note however that the spacious aspect doesn't apply to his first 5 maps though, which are a bit cramped.
-NOTE: Though there are 15 maps, Krause only ever used D_EVIL, D_DOOM, or D_ROMER2 for the music. If that's how you get your kicks, you can play them that way in Krause_Komp_regmus.wad. If you're like me however and want variety, you can grab Krause_Komp.wad which uses doom2's default songlist, and load whatever music wad you want (which in our case was 80SROCK.wad, found below).

Mike Reed Compilation
A 9-map episode consisting of Mike Reed's individual SP releases. He was a fairly prolific author from the early nineties with levels a cut above the usual for the time. A good pack if you want nice old thematic maps that use stock resources. His Hoover Dam level apparantly appeared in PC Gamer magazines. We played this with HipHop.wad, found below.

Odessa Series
A 10-map episode consisting of Bob Evans' Odessa series. His maps are quite puzzley, so they may not be for everyone. However, if you're in for it, you'll find some pretty clever ones here, especially in later maps like map07. Just don't kill yourself looking for a particularly ASS switch in map14. We played this with ProgRock.wad, found below (the music wad was originally baked into the compilation though, due to the maplist).
-Technically goes from MAP01-14, but Bob never released certain entries in the series, so those maps are skipped in the included MAPINFO lump.
-Fixed a singleplayerism in MAP01, where a pillar inexplicably appears to block progression only in cooperative.

Music Wads:
If a wad has its own music (even if its just a rearrangement of Doom 2's soundtrack), I usually don't include a music wad. In those rare instances when the default soundtrack comes up and the author makes no mention of music however, I make a music wad out of stuff from my midi collection.

80's Rock
Replaces music in MAP01-15. We used this music with the Krause Megawad Compilation included above.

80's Metal
Replaces music in MAP01-08. We used this with the Hellrazor compilation above. MAP09 had its own music, hence no track there.

90's Grunge
Replaces music for all 32 maps. We used this with T.V.'s Revolution (before making our own soundtrack for it =)

Replaces music in MAP01-09. We used this with the Mike Reed compilation above.

Progressive Rock
Replaces music in MAP01-11. We used this with the Odessa series compilation above.

No Music
Self-explanatory. Carries across all 32 maps. Played it with 24hours.wad since it came with a unique sound wad called 24sounds.wad.

Various Fixes
99 Ways to Die
-Made teleporter to boss arena on map03 repeatable

Massmouth: Do Over!
-Added coop starts
-Modified scripts so that they wouldn't trap additional players in inescapable situations across all maps.
-Modified script in MAP10 so each player could see the ending cutscene (because I know cutscenes are what players love in multiplayer)

-Added a switch so that additional players wouldn't be trapped outside the boss arena.

Twilight Zone 2 Old Resources
-Unlike the other patches, this is meant to be played alongside Twilight Zone 2, not replace it. Its just so that you can play the updated version of Twilight Zone 2 whilst keeping sounds/sprite graphics/destructible objects from the original.

Dehacked Fixes
-These are just wads where I took their respectful dehacked patch and placed it into the wad, allowing it to be hosted. Includes Astrostein 3, Cool Stuff 3, and Osiris.

The staple crew each time I go online tends to be me, Aquasa, Playe, and occasionally familiar faces like Marcaek, Stewboy, and Marlus among many others (sorry if I didn't drop your name!). Our playthroughs almost always have some sort of weird hiccups, and Shenanigans are a guarantee. I have recorded most of our sessions and haven't really thought of what to do with the demos yet, so here they are in the meantime. If you actually want to watch one of these, you may have to download the wad its associated with directly from

Big ol' Disclaimer:
While all of these compilations should work in any multiplayer zdoom-based port (Zort and Massmouth possibly excluded), they were all only played in Zandronum. I only fix the stuff I find on one of our casual playthroughs, so I'm almost certain there's stuff I missed. Just drop a note if you find something and I may update the list.

Uh, that's it. I meant to post this on Christmas day, but better late than never right? Right!? If I make any more of these for whatever reason, I'll drop them here.
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