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General Discussion / Re: OdaHook

« on: February 19, 2007, 15:45:27 »
First off, since when was creating a hack for a game "ethical" in the first place?

It's only ethical when it's not used. Creating hacks are a way to prove a point. It would have been perfectly ethical if he gave it to no one except the developers of the game.

It was released well over a few months ago. Nothing has been done yet, that should have been fair enough "contact" to show it, in my opinion.

You're saying that new binary releases that "break" the hack don't count? There were new releases with small modifications that were made to make the hack incompatible as a long term solution wasn't feasible at the time. It's slowly being worked on though. A reasonable time would have been much longer. Technically, I'm speaking of the time needed before the hack was released to the public. So, in this case, the time given was 0. It appeared on some cheating forums without an official notice to ZD at all.

But is it not still the act of the staff in a whole to take up the actions of one of the Admins? Not like the ZDaemon staff did anything to stop him. And if you wish to speak on "unethical" terms, producing a trojan such as and releasing it without telling anybody it would maliciously infect your computer is pretty unethical, if not worse, then a game-hack will ever be.

Any person can misbehave at any time. If a priest in a church engages in unethical doings, is the whole church responsible? Or, in government terms - if one congressman does something bad, is the whole government responsible? There was nothing that could have been done to stop him. Plus, there was already contempt. The trojan basically disabled the game - something you can expect from PunkBuster. After all, it only deleted doom2.wad (which they should have on a CD anyways).

While hacking a closed-source game requires more time and effort then hacking a open-source game, the same results can be done. It's not the hardest thing in the world to find offsets...

Yet it is work. Every single bit counts. It's like why I lock my door when a truly motivated criminal can kick it down or pick it (with ease).

General Discussion / Re: OdaHook

« on: February 18, 2007, 21:33:14 »
The odd thing about the discrimination here is how a hack was released to a closed-source thing without first contacting the developers and telling them how it was done. Yet, when it comes to open source, the whole thing is turned around. This is completely unethical behavior.

What you should have done was first contact, and then release if nothing gets done in a reasonable period of time.

As for the "trojan" - that is not endorsed by the ZDaemon team. It's just the actions of one staff member acting on his own. The idea here though is that it was the quickest way to temporarily get rid of the problem while it was present.

Then again - in this case, would the difference between closed-source and open-source make any difference? Does open source make an app inherently more secure? You may have the ability to hack, but I'm pretty sure you'd definitely agree that a closed-source app requires a bit more work than an open source app to hack.

General Discussion / Re: Allow multiple key bindings?

« on: January 24, 2007, 18:08:45 »
They can press two keys at once if needed. It just doesn't make sense (for anything except cheating) to bind multiple actions to one key.

General Discussion / Re: First play of Odamex. :O

« on: January 20, 2007, 01:37:58 »
Yeah, I've found it nice and stable when I just tried it.

Plan to be running a couple of Odamex servers at DoomedEarth sometime soon.
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