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Devoblog / Re: Odamex 0.4.1 is now available!

« on: August 27, 2008, 02:26:49 »
Hey I just created a Package Installer for OSX and compiled Universal Binaries as well. At least I'm 99% sure I did, according to the "Get Info" of the compiled odamex, odasrv and odamaster binary files, they are universal and I also made sure they compiled to PPC and i386 in the xcode project build settings. I haven't tested on PPC however, but it should work.

Anyway, the package installer makes a "Applications/Odamex" folder with all the essentials and the OS X Launcher. I also tried to make the Installer more friendly and less generic. One issue I did notice was the "Applications/Odamex" folder had unfriendly permissions after creation making it an extra step to copy Doom wad files in which was annoying and should be fixed. I'm not sure why it does it though, but I can always just write a installer finishing script to set permissions nicer.

Anyway tell me what you think. I'm not quite sure how to go about making it official or ready to be official (more streamlined with released code). For example, the documentation package in the Odamex metapackage I created just pulled documentation from a "doc" folder I created as opposed to working with the existing source structure meaning that every release, a lot of stuff (but not builds) will have to be rounded up as opposed to just being pulled in from the package installer creator.

Anyway, yeah, I'm linking to the metapackage Odamex Installer and the uncompiled package projects for each sub package and the metapackage itself. Cheers.

EDIT: For quick Mac OS X use (tl;dr), go here:

also rereading my post, its confusing.. but it's 4 in the morning and i've been packaging :P
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