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Technical Support / Re: New Sky 1024x240: How Do I?

« on: July 26, 2013, 05:28:03 »
This is coming from 32in24-10.wad.
I loaded it up in DOOM Builder and I don't notice anything that causes it to make the sky different in the maps either. So strange. According to mapinfo maps 1 and 2 share the same sky, but within the game they are different.
You missed a sky transfer in MAP02.

Technical Support / Re: New Sky 1024x240: How Do I?

« on: July 24, 2013, 10:29:25 »
Oh, well if we have MAPINFO support then I can probably take it from here. I guess I didn't notice that support for that had been added in.

Thanks again, I "should" be good from here on out!
Don't expect ZDoom syntax (with curly braces) to work. Edit: that's why I recommended you to look at 32in24.

Technical Support / Re: New Sky 1024x240: How Do I?

« on: July 24, 2013, 03:26:06 »
Still I'd like to understand how to do this without sky transfer, just so I know. Thanks!
You can use MAPINFO to assign a new sky for a map. Sky transfers are only needed if you want more than one sky in a level. For an example of MAPINFO use, see any 32in24 WAD.
Since I am not using any DOOM resources, I did not allow SLADE to list them within Texture1. So what appears to be happening is that RSKY1 from the DOOMII.WAD is conflicting with the one in my pWAD.
It appears you didn't understand my previous post. Can you say what part of it don't you understand?
Any suggestions, would you like me to upload my work?
If you haven't figured it out, then you can post a link it here I guess. I'll try to look at it.

Technical Support / Re: New Sky 1024x240: How Do I?

« on: July 23, 2013, 16:04:30 »
    I am trying to clean up the resource WAD for my Alien Breed Project.
     One of the mistakes I noticed that I made was to import the info from DOOM's Textures and Pnames into my pWAD.
    Are you using only your custom textures, or making a PWAD for ZDoom versions newer than Odamex is based on? If neither, you had made no mistake: you need to base TEXTURE1 and PNAMES in your wad on IWAD ones. (You can avoid putting in Doom textures if your IWAD on Doom2 and you put all of your new ones in TEXTURE2 but you can't avoid copying PNAMES.)
    I have named it RSKY1 to replace the original, but when I load up the game, there is garbage in the sky and not a hint of my texture what so ever.
    The default sky is a texture (as in, an entry in TEXTUREx) named "SKY1" (or "SKY2", "SKY3", "SKY4" depending on the map). RSKY1 is just a name of a patch that Doom2 sky texture SKY1 happens to consist of.

     Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?
    0. decide if you want to use IWAD textures and target Odamex, and if so, get old TEXTURE1 and PNAMES from backup in you can, or make new ones based on IWAD ones. (Not necessary but you'll need to do this anyway add: as you don't use IWAD textures, you don't need this)
    1. add your sky patch(es) to PNAMES.
    2. make sure that there's no duplicate SKY1 (or other name for your sky texture) entries in TEXTUREx of your PWAD.
    3. edit (or add) a SKY1 (or else) texture, making it consist only of your sky patch.
    Also does Odamex have a method in DOOM in HEXEN mode in which I can transfer sky textures?
    Yes. See Static_Init docs on ZDoom wiki.

    Technical Support / Re: Temporary Bug Tracker Thread

    « on: July 14, 2013, 14:45:14 »
    With co_boomsectortouch, it behaves as expected.

    Just out of curiosity, what is it about that barrel that requires co_boomsectortouch? And what does co_boomsectortouch do? (it doesn't seem to be listed on
    The barrel is near the lift and is stuck. The option should be listed now, btw. You can find my attempt at an explanation there.

    Technical Support / Re: Temporary Bug Tracker Thread

    « on: July 09, 2013, 07:40:05 »
    Bug Title: This barrel in this exact position stops a nearby lift until it's blown up
    Operating System: Windows 7
    Odamex Version: 0.6.3
    Bug Description: For some reason, the barrel in this map in the blue flashy pillar stops the lift from lowering, the sound plays but nothing happens. If you shoot the barrel after you start the motion, it immediately falls to the ground and works as expected after that.

    See MAP01_LiftBarrelTest.wad
    The reason is that the co_zdoomphys doesn't imply co_boomsectortouch, although it should. Patch: (or in attachment)
    Probably the same thing should be done to co_boomlinetouch, but I don't understand what it does.

    Technical Support / Re: Temporary Bug Tracker Thread

    « on: July 09, 2013, 05:17:07 »
    Note: all bugs reported with zDoom physics enabled (true thing height and co_zdoomphys)

    Bug Title: Barrels turn into pools of blood if they are crushed in a hexen format map
    Operating System: Windows 7
    Odamex Version: 0.6.3
    Bug Description: In a hexen format map, barrels turn into pools of blood when crushed; in doom format they explode and leave no gibs.
    I don't think it's a bug; it depends on the speed of the crusher, rather than map format.
    EDIT: ZDoom behaves differently than Odamex, but it's not a bug in Odamex: it intentionally replicates vanilla behavior.
    I'd say that GLASS1 texture is too garish, and should be darkened a bit. Can't comment on how the map plays, because I don't play MP at the time, so feel free to ignore this comment ;)
    There's also another problem: As far as I know, Odamex does not support cumulative loading of textures, so the stock textures need to be included with the custom ones for the WAD to work properly. The rules of /idgames Archive state that you are not allowed to include the stock textures with your WAD, so I have no idea where to upload this thing once it's completed.
    Odamex (like vanilla) needs only texture definitions (TEXTURE1 and PNAMES), not the textures themselves. Including the definitions in the wad is allowed.
    I designed all the levels with wide open hallways so that players wouldn't shoot or bump into each other much by mistake in Cooperative. The detail is minimalistic to keep players from getting clipped when running fast,
    There's one secret lift in level 2 though, I kept bumping into walls until I finally managed to catch it. Thought that may be intended, or I'm just out of practice.
    You can play UAC Ultra 2 with extra monsters by playing multiplayer on skills 1-3. Skill 1 doubles the ammo and halves the damage dealt by monsters, but also removes all armor items, which should be good for Survival Cooperative, assuming that Odamex pursues that game mode in the future. Skill 2 and 3 are appropriate for standard Cooperative.
    I'm not following here. Items seem to be the same in skills 1 and 2.
    I'm posting this here only because I created these levels to be as dynamic as possible, with a lot of attention to multiplayer. These maps didn't go over as well to the single player community
    You mean the Banworld moderators? Really, "community" is a weasel word.
    and I wanted to get some outside perspective.
    Since it wasn't a pack of maps hyped over there at Banworld, I didn't try to look at the architecture, but just mindlessly shot everything that moves and flipped all switches in sight. To my surprise, I enjoyed this a lot more than playing some highly hyped maps.  It's partly because difficulty at skill 3 is just right for me. I was in the middle of level 3 when my port crashed (no, it wasn't Odamex) and I decided to write this post. So, thank you for these maps!

    Technical Support / Re: Freedoom crashes at MAP30.

    « on: April 06, 2013, 06:15:28 »
    Crash with Freedoom 0.8 beta 1 when you see a baron is a known bug. You can download development version here:
    but I'm not sure if you can play online with it on 0.6.2 servers.

    General Discussion / Re: 32bpp color mode

    « on: March 29, 2013, 01:55:43 »
    Hey, there's my post, I was wondering where that went!

    Where was it?!?! :)
    No idea. I got it out of "Thread Summary" below the text box which appears when you reply to thread (not Quick Reply).. Also they are visible when viewing "recent posts" on the main forums page.

    Here's a link to docs for command-line SVN client:

    General Discussion / Re: 32bpp color mode

    « on: March 28, 2013, 23:38:41 »
    This page:

    Keeps giving me this message:

    XML Parsing Error: no element found
    Line Number 170, Column 3:
    It seems that your post got flagged as spam due to links. Here's a tip: post w/o links first, then edit them in. Thus you'll bypass the filter. (How links to can be spam is beyond me.)
    That page works for me after a refresh. But you're supposed to access it with a SVN client anyway.

    When I can get the pages to the source to load, I see a multitude of files, but no archives. I take it I have to download every file individually and place them all in the same directory?
    No, you're supposed to use a SVN client. I personally use this on Windows but you can use something else.

    General Discussion / Re: 32bpp color mode

    « on: March 24, 2013, 14:32:05 »
    You begin here:

    Since you want to build from SVN, you'll need a SVN client too.

    32bpp mode right now lives in rend32 branch.

    General Discussion / Re: 32bpp color mode

    « on: March 24, 2013, 13:24:04 »
    Why don't you try build it from source yourself?
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