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Topic: Odamex 0.5.6 Released  (Read 3503 times)

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Odamex 0.5.6 Released
« on: November 05, 2011, 12:08:20 »
** This is a required update **

* The Release *

Hot on the heels of last week's 0.5.5 release, Odamex 0.5.6 has been released to correct a number of critical errors found within the last week. These fixes include correcting a miscommunication between certain servers and the official Odamex launcher, a number of crashes and client disconnects found during last weekend's Saturday Nitro event, and a number of other fixes related to smaller issues with netdemos and client-side prediction.

This update features more than fixes however. Along with improved Unlagged, Odamex 0.5.6 offers a new server feature called sv_ticbuffer. Enabling sv_ticbuffer on the server will place incoming ticcmds into a buffer and process one ticcmd per gametic for each player instead of processing all the player's incoming ticcmds. The result is that the player's movement will skip less and appear "smoother" when there is network jitter. This has been tested on a number of high latency connections in cross-continental play and has received a lot of positive feedback.

For clients, the new variable cl_updaterate allows clients to specify how often they wish to receive updates of the positions of other players in the game. The default value of 2 implies the client would like to be updated every other tic, or 35 / 2 times a second. A value of 1 implies the client would like to be updated every tic, or 35 times a second. This can be adjusted through the Network Options menu and we encourage all players to take a look at these settings and see what works best for your connection.

As always, there are more detailed changes than those listed above and they can be found through the Release Page or the svn changelog.

Since this release has come so quickly after the release of Odamex 0.5.5, the team recommends that you take a look at the Odamex 0.5.5 release announcement for any other fixes or features that you may have missed.