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Topic: Odamex 0.5.0 Officially Released!  (Read 8395 times)

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Odamex 0.5.0 Officially Released!
« on: August 24, 2010, 20:21:55 »
** This is a required update **
** Your existing configs may not be compatible due to cvar changes **

* The Release *

Odamex 0.5.0 is the first major version release in over two years and introduces dozens of bug fixes, new features, and useful optimizations for server administrators and players alike.

Improved netplay will be the most noticable optimizations for most users in Odamex 0.5. Default rate caps have been raised for both client and server which allows for bandwidth intensive coop games (Scythe 2 Map25 for instance) and large ffa games. In theory, a non-coop server with appropriate bandwidth would be able to host almost a hundred players without issue. While that may sound excessive, it just shows what Odamex is now capable of. Other changes made are related to various map and item/weapon desyncs.

A very important change for server administrators comes with reorganized cvars. Most server variables now begin with the sv_* prefix (not all however). An extensive listing of these variables and their usage can be found on the server variable page on the Odawiki. The logfile console command has been reimplemented for server and client. Servers can now also set a "Message of the Day" for connecting clients. More information on basic server settings can be found on the Odawiki.

Odamex 0.5.0 includes an improved server protocol as well as an updated launcher interface. The Odamex Launcher now includes graphical ping indicators and a server information window which displays version, revision, any dehacked patches running on the server, and all server variables.

There are way too many changes to Odamex 0.5 to describe them all here! Check out a more extensive list on the release page or the complete listing using our svn changelog.

* Potential Issues *

There are still a few bad bugs affecting clients on Windows platforms, particularly Windows Vista and Windows 7. Despite many efforts to resolve these issues, we have not been able to come to any solutions. In light of this, here are some recommended work arounds:

* Mouse issues *

Q: My mouse feels weird and seems to decelerate in Odamex. It makes it difficult for me to play sometimes, is there a way to fix this?

A: The Odamex team has been attacking this bug for quite a while and believe we are closing to fixing it, but have to provide workarounds for now. Odamex uses two types of video drivers on Windows, the default windib (gdi) and directx. Without going into too much detail, DirectX interprets mouse input independent of video resolution and, as a result, has proven to be much more reliable an option for some users. To set the Odamex video driver from gdi to directx from the Odamex Launcher, goto File > Settings, and locate the "Extra command line arguments" box. Inside the box type "-directx" without quotations.

* Music/Sound issues *

Q: When I try to turn down the music, the sound turns off as well! How can I turn down the music without affecting sound volume?

A: Unfortunately, Microsoft changed the way midi and sound volumes are controlled in Windows Vista/7. Due to these changes, SDL cannot independently lower midi volume without affecting all wave sound formats. For now, the best recommended solution is to run Odamex without music at all. To do this from the Odamex Launcher, go to File > Settings, and locate the "Extra command line arguments" box. Inside the box type "-nomusic" without quotations.

* Getting Involved *

The Odamex team would like to remind our users that the Odamex project thrives off of user input, particularly when it comes to resolving bugs in the engine. If you would like to be involved in helping Odamex's development move forward, please take a moment to sign up for the Odamex Bug Tracker. The team refers to the bug tracker to determine how development should move forward. If you come across something odd or broken that is not already listed or resolved in the tracker, please submit as much information as you can! Odamex can only succeed with the help of dedicated users!

If you are interested in tracking official Odamex news more easily, you can subscribe to updates in a variety of ways:

1) You can subscribe to the Odamex releases rss feed.

2) Subscribe to the new Odamex Mailing List, which will give you immediate updates on Odamex bugs and their status as changes occur. You can do this by signing up here or email with "subscribe" in the subject field.

3) You can receive email alerts on official Odamex releases (requires a sourceforge account or an openid).
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Re: Odamex 0.5.0 Officially Released!
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2010, 21:05:44 »
Hell yeah! GET FIRED UP!!!
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Re: Odamex 0.5.0 Officially Released!
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2010, 21:31:07 »
This has been a monumental effort to bring Odamex to where it is today, and we recognize we still have much to do.  I'd personally like to thank in a quasi particular order:


and everyone else who has continued to report bugs and test odamex out on our way to 1.0.  And of course those who choose Odamex as their multiplayer port of choice, I thank you all. 
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Re: Odamex 0.5.0 Officially Released!
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2010, 12:36:52 »
Everyone should be thanking Manc for his work and, most importantly, his leadership in cases where it was sorely needed. It is good to work on a team where people don't place themselves or their opinions above anyone else on the team but someone does have to take the reins from time to time and Manc guided Odamex to 0.5 without succumbing to pressure to release before important fixes were made while keeping us focused on the goal. Thanks to Manc and everyone involved. Working with the Odamex team and our community is a pleasure.

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Re: Odamex 0.5.0 Officially Released!
« Reply #4 on: August 26, 2010, 18:08:34 »
Has it really been two years? Holy crap.