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Topic: Doomsmas! Odamex 0.5.1 released  (Read 6555 times)

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Doomsmas! Odamex 0.5.1 released
« on: December 11, 2010, 17:25:52 »
** This is a required update **

* The Release *

Odamex 0.5.1 brings about the usual bug fixes and delivers on one of the largest bug fix requests in the project.

The star change to Odamex in 0.5.1 addresses common mouse control issues and color palette problems for Windows Vista/7 users. By setting up the screen with a 32-bit mode and blitting the 8-bit surface to it, users of the latest Windows operating systems should no longer be faced with palette issues when using DirectX. This is a big deal due in part to the much smoother, responsive mouse when in DirectX mode. Normal users shouldn't have to make any changes to their configurations to experience these fixes as DirectX is now the default video mode for Odamex.

Other big changes in Odamex 0.5.1 include the addition of some basic ZDoom features such as MAPINFO and ANIMDEF lump support and early groundwork for ACS and hub travel. Non-infinite height actors (z-height) now function but some problems will arise with special actors, such as trees and other decorations, in Odamex 0.5.1. Clients now have a wider range of resolutions supported, all the way up to 2048x1536.

Other changes and fixes that may be less noticeable come in various areas of the engine from in-game to the menus. Movement on stairs and similar structures should now be much smoother thanks to improved player prediction code. Player color sliders in the menu will slide much faster now by holding down a directional key compared to older versions. Bugs involving spectators, downloading clients, and CTF game modes were also resolved.

As of this release, the Xbox platform is now a standard supported platform and that has brought universal joystick support with it. All platforms should now have full joystick support. Other Xbox changes include chat macro support, fixes to DEH/BEX patch loading for mods like Batman Doom and Goldeneye, and launcher fixes.

For a more in-depth look at the changes in Odamex 0.5.1,  check out a more extensive list on the release page or the complete listing using our svn changelog.

* Getting Involved *

The Odamex team is currently looking for dedicated individuals that are willing to devote some time to Odamex documentation. This mostly involves the addition and maintenance of wiki entries that document engine options and features. Experience with editing wikis is preferred but certainly not a requirement. If you feel that this is something you would be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact me through our IRC channel ( #odamex) or through a forum private message.

We would also like to again remind our users that the Odamex project thrives off of user input, particularly when it comes to resolving bugs in the engine. If you would like to be involved in helping Odamex's development move forward, please take a moment to sign up for the Odamex Bug Tracker. The team refers to the bug tracker to determine how development should move forward. If you come across something odd or broken that is not already listed or resolved in the tracker, please submit as much information as you can! Odamex can only succeed with the help of dedicated users!

If you are interested in tracking official Odamex news more easily, you can subscribe to updates in a variety of ways:

1) You can subscribe to the Odamex releases rss feed.

2) Subscribe to the new Odamex Mailing List, which will give you immediate updates on Odamex bugs and their status as changes occur. You can do this by signing up here or email with "subscribe" in the subject field.

3) You can receive email alerts on official Odamex releases (requires a sourceforge account or an openid).
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