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Odamex offers server operators a variety of ways to prevent abuse on their servers, whether it be through hacking or other malicious behavior. For relevant information relating to banning players from servers, please see ban and exception lists.

Anti-Hacking Variables

Odamex comes stock with cheat prevention options. However, some of these features are still in progress and may not be fully tested or complete.


Usage: sv_antiwallhack (0-1)

The antiwallhack cvar is used to prevent players from being able to see other opponents out of their natural field of view. Ways in which a player may attempt to wall hack is through either client modification or wad modification.


Usage: sv_speedhackfix (0-1)

The speedhackfix cvar is used to prevent players from being able to move faster than natural. Ways in which a player may attempt to speed hack is through client modification.

Disruption Prevention Variables

Odamex comes with variables to prevent server disruption beyond the scope of cheating as well.


Usage: sv_allowcheats (0-1)

If enabled, allowcheats allows players to use standard Doom cheats such as God mode, Give all weapons, Noclip mode, etc. Server administrators that seek a competitive environment are encouraged to keep allowcheats disabled.


Usage: sv_flooddelay (#)

The flooddelay cvar is used to prevent clients from being able to continuously flood a server with text messages. Flooddelay uses seconds as its units (ex. flooddelay 1.5 means a client can only send messages once every 1.5 seconds). Setting the value to 0 turns off server flood prevention.


Usage: sv_globalspectatorchat (0-1)

Enabled by default, this cvar controls if players in game can see what spectators are saying. If set to 0, players will only be able to see other in-game players' chat text.