Ban and exception lists

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The Odamex server fully supports ban lists (blacklists) and exception lists (whitelists). Currently, both lists are not automatically saved to a file, so server administrators have to input them every time or use the "+exec" command and input the list to another file before loading the server.

Client Information

Player List

Usage: playerlist

Lists all clients on the server in the following format:

<ID>: (NAME) - (ip address) - frags:x ping:xxx

Player Info

Usage: playerinfo <ID #>

Lists information about a specific player. <ID #> can be found through either the playerlist or showscores commands.

Show Scores

Usage: showscores

Call the info that would typically show at the end of a game at any time with this command. Lists all clients on the server in the following format:

ID - Address - Name || Kills - Deaths - K/D - Time

Ban list


Usage: kickban (client id) [optional reason]

An enhanced version of the kick command, which kicks the player from the server and also bans that player from re-entering the server.


Usage: addban (ip address) [optional reason]

Bans all players whose IP fall under this entry from entering the server. This will not automatically kick them from the server.


Usage: delban (ip address)

Deletes this particular entry from the ban list.


Usage: banlist

Displays all the entires in the ban list.


Usage: clearbans

Deletes all entries in the ban list. WARNING: No confirmation for this exists. Use at your own risk.

Exception list


Usage: addexception (ip address) [optional reason]

Allows players whose IP also falls under a ban list entry to enter the server.


Usage: delexception (ip address)

Deletes this particular entry from the exception list.


Usage: exceptionlist

Displays all the entires in the exception list.


Usage: clearexceptions

Deletes all entries in the exception list. WARNING: No confirmation for this exists. Use at your own risk.


Are wildcards supported for IPs?

Yes, wildcards can be used in the add and delete commands. But, you can not use them in the delete commands in order to wildcard-delete all entries. (For example, putting 127.*.*.* will delete the 127.*.*.* entry but not the entry)

Do I need to type in the entire IP?

No. Incomplete IPs will be completed by using the last octet of the IP. For example, "addban 0" will add an entry for, "addban 127.0" will add an entry for, and "addban *" will add an entry for *.*.*.*, creating a exceptionlist-required server.

What exactly is the exception list and what can I do with it?

The exception list is basically the "whitelist" to the server. It negates entries that are put in the ban list. This is important for those caught in a wildcard IP ban. Also, if you want a private server without using passwords, you can wildcard IP ban everybody (*.*.*.*) and make exceptions as you see fit.

Will the Odamex staff produce or require a "global ban/exception list" in order to reside on the Odamex master list?

No. All bans and exceptions are completely at the server level. However, this does not stop server administrators from cooperating with each other and creating their own "global list". The Odamex staff is not responsible for any list created under a group of servers.

Is there a simple way to maintain a ban/exception list between multiple servers?

If you maintain multiple servers and would like shared ban/exception lists, you can combine exec along with sv_endmapscript.

On initial server launch you can include:

+exec /ban/list/location +sv_endmapscript "exec /ban/list/location"

The ban list file should contain the following:

addban Server abuse
addban 192.168.1.* Cheating
addexception Caught in range ban

the first two commands clearbans and clearexceptions will remove every single ban and exception that was added before hand, then the following commands will add bans and exceptions accordingly. The ban list will be updated at the end of the map, note however that any banned clients that are connected will not be removed if they are still inside the server, if they disconnect their ban will take effect on the next map load.