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One of the key features in Odamex is a dynamic maplisting functionality to create dynamic servers. Each entry in the map list currently contains a map name (such as E1M1 and MAP01) and a PWAD file. More special functionality for inputting and saving/loading the map list is under development.


Usage: addmap (map name) [...]

Adds a map to the map list, any following arguments are passed to the wad console command.

Note: You do not need to keep specifying the wad after its loaded for each subsequent addmap command, doing this will cause the server to reconnect any clients when the map changes, thus any clients which reconnect will have their "state" (weapons, ammo, points) reset.


Usage: clearmaplist

Clears the map list. WARNING: No request for confirmation. Use at your own risk!


Usage: sv_curmap

A read-only cvar for servers that checks the map number. Useful for if statements.


Usage: forcenextmap

Progresses to the next map in the current map list. Similar to nextmap, only progresses quickly (without intermission).


Usage: maplist

Displays the entire map list in the console.

nextmap (ccmd)

Usage: nextmap

Progresses to the next map in the current map list. Similar to forcenextmap, only progresses naturally (with intermission).

nextmap (cvar)

Usage: sv_nextmap

A read-only cvar for servers that checks the next map number. Useful for if statements.


Usage: shufflemaplist (0-1)

Turns on map shuffling. This will shuffle the map list order. (Not exactly random, as each map will be played once during each shuffle.)

Other Useful Map Related Commands/CVARs


Usage: emptyreset (0-1)

When enabled, this cvar will reload the map if all clients disconnect. This is ideal for frag-limited 1-on-1 servers where games may go unfinished.


Usage: loopepisode (0-1)

A cvar used for cooperative games played on (Ultimate)Doom. If enabled, the server will return to ExM1 after completing ExM8.

startmapscript & endmapscript

Startmapscript and endmapscript are ways of setting gameplay variables for the start and end of a map. Read Map Scripts for more information.

Map Voting

For full information on modifying and maintaining client vote privileges, refer to Voting.