Wad (console command)

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The wad console command loads a wad file at runtime, it can also load optional dehacked and bex patch files along side it.


wad pwad [...] [deh/bex [...]]
wad iwad [pwad [...]] [deh/bex [...]]

First command loads a pwad, along with optional pwads, along with optional dehacked or bex patch files.

Second command is identical to above, but must have an iwad specified first.

NOTE: iwad files such as doom2.wad can have .wad omitted, but pwads (eg hr2final.wad) must have them, same with patch files.


Loads doom2.wad

wad doom2

Load the pwad hr2final.wad

wad hr2final.wad

Load both doom2.wad and hr2final.wad

wad doom2 hr2final.wad

Load strain.wad and its shipped patch file

wad strain.wad strain.deh

Load doom2, with strain.wad and strain.deh

wad doom2 strain.wad strain.deh

You can also specify an absolute or a relative path for pwads/deh's too

wad doom2 ./wads/strain.wad ./wads/strain.deh