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This is a Timeline of events and milestones of the Odamex project, from the founding of Zwango until the present state of the project.


  • Odamex's precursor, Zwango, was created and the first binary build was dated July 2nd. The lead programmer was anarkavre and the project leader was Ralphis. The first launcher was developed by Russell, the earliest known build is dated July 5th.
  • On August 25th, Zwango was renamed to Odamex by the team.
  • Toke programmed CTF into Odamex, first CTF alpha dated September 8th.
  • New lead programmer, denis, joins the project on September 23rd.
  • SVN Repository created on October 1st.


  • Odamex gains initial support of SDL on January 10th, and completely replaces old ZDoom dependencies by January 13th.
  • Java launcher is created by AlexMax on January 24th, the first attempt to create a cross-platform launcher.
  • Milestone: 500th SVN commit on January 29th.
  • Milestone: 1000th SVN commit on February 28th.
  • The goal to make Odamex GPL compatible first made progress on March 11th.
  • Odamex team member Toke passes away on August 19th.
  • Self-zero pointer code introduced on September 26th which significantly reduced crashes and automatically resets servers.
  • Manc officially opened the website on October 23rd.
  • Milestone: 2000th SVN commit on November 11th.


  • On January 14th, the Odamex source was [officially declared GPL compliant.]
  • On January 15th, The private SVN ended with 2125 revisions and the public SVN was turned on.
  • On January 19th, the first public binaries of Odamex are posted as "Alpha version 0.1".
  • On February 20th, the second public binaries of Odamex are posted as "Alpha version 0.2".
  • On November 4th, Odamex "0.3" is officially released. The alpha/beta prefix is dumped.
  • On November 5th, the results of the first Odamex contest are revealed. The contest was to make a 1-on-1 map for use at Odamex's visit to MAGFest.


  • Odamex visits [Magfest] from January 3rd through January 6th. The visit is a viewed as a [success].