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Denis Lukianov (aka Voxel) is the odamex programming lead, and usually the best person to send patches to. Also current maintainter of the ill-fated csDoom project.


  • "behave" - You are about to be kickbanned and/or ignored, unless you shut up or do something I consider productive
  • "don't break it" - If you break it, I will revert your changes. If you often break more than you fix, I will revert you.
  • "fix it" or "make it work" - Don't ask questions, use your head and don't come back until it works
  • "ffs" - You incompetent fool, go away and stop wasting my time, I could/will manage this in half the time that it took me to get you to do it, therefore you wasted 1 whole unit of your own time, and then 1/2 unit of mine
  • "i like [thing]" - I would like someone to buy me a [thing]
  • "i hate [x]" - Someone please take over the running/management of stuff relating to [x], because it is driving me insane
  • "please" - Do it already
  • "see/read google/code" - It would be much faster if you did the search yourself than if I did the search while you waited for my response; I won't do the search to save both our times
  • "so?" - If you want it done, do it yourself, because I'm not convinced yet
  • "wtf" - Please find out what the problem is
  • "yay" - Amazing!
  • "YESS!" or "hooray!" or "GO [person]!!!"- Amazing! Whatever happened made me happy, please keep going and do it more often