Command line parameters

From OdaWiki
+exec x
Loads the commands located in the specified file.
-config x
An alternate configuration file (as opposed to odasrv.cfg in the current folder or ~/.odamex/odasrv.cfg).
-port x
A UDP port to listen on.
-waddir x
A folder to search for PWADs. odasrv will search the following locations for PWADs and IWADs (in this order):
  • -iwad/-file (full paths or relative to current working folder)
  • -waddir
  • $DOOMWADDIR (environment variable, not recommended)
  • $DOOMWADPATH (environment variable)
  • $HOME (environment variable)

When specifying multiple paths in -waddir, separate them by spaces. When specifying multiple paths in an environment variable, separate them by semicolons (i.e. export DOOMWADPATH=/usr/local/games/WADs;/usr/local/share/games/WADs).

-iwad x
Specifies the full path to the IWAD to use. Alternately, a path relative to -waddir can be given.
-deh x
-beh x
-devparm x
Runs the server in development mode.
-skill x
Skill level.
  • 1: I'm too young to die
  • 2: Hey not too rough
  • 3: Hurt me plenty
  • 4: Ultra-Violence
  • 5: Nightmare (typical value for multiplayer games)
-warp x
Starts the server on the specified map.
+map x
Adds a map to the map rotation list. Separate multiple maps with spaces.
-timer x
A timelimit
-avg x
Austin Virtual Gaming mode, Deathmatch and 20 minute time limit.
-background x
-file x
A PWAD or PWADs to load. Separate multiple PWADs with a space, i.e.
 -file dwango5.wad judas23_.wad
-logfile x
The odasrv output logfile.
-heapsize x
-maxclients x
The maximum number of clients that can connect to the server.
-stepmode x
-blockmap x