Compiling the Launcher using Code::Blocks

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In this article, we will learn how to compile the Odamex Launcher which uses the wxWidgets API, you WILL need to take these steps before continuing with this article.

Getting wxWidgets


You will need to download the latest MSW package from the wxWidgets website.

After that, extract everything to a directory of your choice, preserving directory structure.


Refer to your distributions instructions on installing wxWidgets.

Compiling wxWidgets


Open a command prompt window, go to your-wxwidgets-dir\build\msw directory and type:

mingw32-make -f makefile.gcc MONOLITHIC=0 SHARED=0 BUILD=release

This process will take a while, you should end up with some libraries in the lib\gcc_lib folder after its built, these are the compiled wxWidgets libraries.

Compiling wxrc

Go back to the wxWidgets root directory, navigate to the utils\wxrc sub-directory and type the same command line in the command prompt that you compiled wxWidgets with, this will build wxrc.

Compiling the Launcher

Open Code::Blocks and navigate to the Settings->Global Variables menu, select "wx" as your current variable if it isn't already selected. In the base field, type in the path of your wxWidgets directory and close the dialog.

Open your odamex.workspace in Code::Blocks and double-click on the Launcher project, select Release build target, go to the Build menu and hit Rebuild.

If all went well, you should see an odalaunch binary in the bin directory of your Odamex source directory.