Compiling using Microsoft Visual Studio

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Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, specifically Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, may be the most popular priced C++ compiler for Windows ever. Having been around for over eight years, it has quite a large following.

Before you compile...

Before we can compile Odamex, we must set up our environment to find our libraries.

Visual C++ 6.0

Setting up Visual C++ 6.0

Go to Tools->Options... and click on the Directories tab. From there, add the \include directories from our required libraries under Include files and the \lib directories from our required libraries under Library files. Then, click OK.

Compiling in a nutshell

Once our environment is set up, compiling in Visual C++ is straightforward. Simply load the Visual C++ workspace file (odamex.dsw) and select the project which you wish to compile under Project->Set Active Project. Then, go to Compile->Build and wait for the compilation to finish.