Development roadmap

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This section is a roadmap for planned and wanted features for Odamex. This is a volunteer project. You, as a volunteer, make the decisions, this is merely a rough guide. Patches are welcome to improve the Odamex project!


  • Console paste
  • WAD Switching
  • WAD Downloading
  • Linux/OSX/BSD/Win32/SPARC compatibility
  • Capture The Flag game mode
  • Network compression
  • cvar overrides and server tags
  • GPL compatibility
  • Boom playable (some missing features)
  • Spectator support
  • Vanilla demo playback
  • Smooth prediction
  • Demo recording
  • Crash Reporting (Windows only)

Confirmed Future Improvements

  • Voodoo doll support
  • Complete Boom support
  • Support for different fonts (console and in-game)
  • Demo retro compatibility with older versions / future versions
  • Survival game mode
  • Last Man Standing and Team LMS
  • PNG Support
  • UDMF Support


  • IPv6 support
  • In-game launcher
  • Both TCP(no-nagle) and UDP options
  • Console select/copy, buffer scroll up/down
  • accelerated software rendering
  • Multilingual Support
  • OpenGL rendering
  • Account system for player statistics
  • Dual/Tri-head display support, like doom2.exe -left and -right commands
  • Bots
  • BIGFONT support
  • Voxel sprites

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