Sv teamspawns

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What is sv_teamspawns and how do I use it?

Usage: sv_teamspawns (0-1)

This cvar changes the behavior of team spawns (in maps that have them) that provides flexibility for server administrators to use certain types of maps for different intended gamemodes.

How sv_teamspawns relates to different modes


No usage.


If set to 0, this allows maps with only team spawns (generally Capture the Flag maps) to be used in standard deathmatch.

If set to 1, if no regular DM starts exist the map cannot be played and will output the server error:

ERROR: No deathmatch starts | sleeping for 10 seconds before map reload...

Team Deathmatch

If set to 0, all team spawns become "normal" spawns which is the standard for Team Deathmatch modes. For instance, this allows server administrators the option to run a Capture the Flag map in TDM with random spawns as they would in a standard DM map.

If set to 1, teams will spawn in their team spawns allowing for a Team Deathmatch that will likely result in large chokes in the center of the map. This can add a new dimension to Team Deathmatch that is not commonly experienced in the mode with random spawns.

Capture The Flag

If set to 0, all team spawns will become "normal" spawns that are randomized. This can cause for a frantic game of CTF where players will eventually spawn in the opposing team's base.

If set to 1, players will spawn at their corresponding team spawns. This is default and "normal" behavior for CTF.