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Better Organization?

This whole section kind of reeks of being kind of unorganized to me. I see several instances where information is redundant (partly my fault, but it was there in the first place), and in general I think that this section could use some better organization. The things that seem to be most redundant are seem to be instructions and suggestions for subversion use and where to put libraries. The problem with the former is that the article on subversion only describes what it is and how to get access without describing how to use it to download the source, and the problem with the later is that it is handled on a tutorial by tutorial basis. What we have here is 'good enough' i suppose, and people can probaly figure it out themselves if they poke around enough, but if we want to provide more tutorials in the future, possibly covering other IDE's and compilers, it could get kind of messy. --AlexMax 14:52, 9 November 2006 (CST)