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Josh "EarthQuake" Simpson, also known as "Seismos", currently holds no significant position in the Odamex community, except for being a contributor of various minor things. He is a Doom player of 12 years, a Doom mapper of 9 years, and a general member of the Doom community for 4 years.

EarthQuake is maintainer and author of Doomvault, a website that was first developed to serve as a repository for his Doom-related works. When the rennovation is complete, the site will host a plethora of Doom-related guides, specifications, and tutorials.

Contact Information


  • earthquake at realsimpsons dot com
  • earthquake at doomvault dot com (currently inactive)
  • seismos at gmail dot com



  • OFTC (Using "Seismos" on #zdoom, #odamex, and #unidoom)
  • Freenode (Using "Seismos" on #zdaemon and #doomvault)


  • If you have an account on this wiki, you may contact EarthQuake via the "discussion" link at the top of this page. Please leave a timestamp.