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KiTsuKun User Info

Possible handle translation: "Tree Lover", " or "Mr. Fox"

Other Gaming Related handle: Thunder Fox, KiTsu

Use of this Handle: Coding, Common/Pop Arts, Personal Opinion, General Personal Discussions

General attitude: Optimistic Pessimist (The world sucks, but at least we can make it better)

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Political Leaning: Moderate Progressive

Religion: Christian Progressive

Favorite Music Category: Acoustic Punk

Other Preferred Music: If it isn't Pop or Pop-Country, I'll give it a shot.

Preferred OS: link "Ubuntu Linux"

Secondary OS: Microsoft Windows XP Pro

Prefered Computing Platform: x86 APIC PC / AMD 64

Occupation: Unemployed / Disability (Asperger's Syndrome)

Favorite Computing Fields: Security, Networking, Debugging

Applicable Skills: Security, Networking, Basic Coding, Unscripted Bulk Code Handling, Advanced Object-Analysis, Speed Reading, BASH Command Prompt, Mid-Level Image Manipulation, Mid-Level Image Generation, Mid-Level wire frame manipulation, Mid-Level Map Manipulation

Non-Computer Interests: Electronics, R/C, General-Art, Comics, Manga, Anime, Poetry, Photography, Science, Philosophy, Literature, Video Games, Sociology, Politics

Non-Applicable Skills: CAD, Mechanics, Basic Quality Control, XML, Electronics, Electrical Maintenance , Computer design and maintenance, Mid-Level Photography, basic GIS skills

Biggest Complaint about the world: Even if the average individual person is open, smart and loving, yet as a whole people are still narrow minded, stupid, fearful, hate mongering animals.

Solution to biggest complaint: Talk the the person, not the people.

--KitsuKun 20:41, 20 February 2007 (CST) Fixed page spelling, with misc. corrections.