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We believe in rough consensus and running code.



Current maintainers can be found in the MAINTAINERS file, distributed with the source code. These are people who volunteer time to work on odamex. If you wish to improve odamex without commitment, you can send us patches. We will generally expect many patches from you over a period of time before you get listed as a maintainer and are given svn access.


Alongside the game development, the community administrates the following systems


First and foremost, our community is strongly against cheating.

Secondly, we are against the "big brother" mentality. Our reach and authority only applies to the services we provide. The Odamex team is not interested in policing every server, nor are we interested in micromanaging every little bit of use of our products. It is thanks to the individuals that volunteer their time that we are able to offer what we do for you, the player.

We are for transparency, open discussion and understanding of issues, and we are always willing to discuss them rationally if a problem happens to arise.