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For information relating to banning players from servers, please see ban and exception lists.

A ban is an action taken in order to block an addressed machine from accessing a certain area of interest, such as a forum, to hinder an individual's ability to participate in games or forums. This is usually done by testing all connections against a known blacklist of IP address.

Possible Reasons for Banning

An address can be banned due to one or more such actions as the following:

  • Persistently harassing others
  • Using cheats in games
  • Spaming and/or trolling (posting irrelevent materials, acting up, exasperating other individuals continuously)
  • Evading an already existing ban placed to block the same individual
  • Mounting offensive action (such as a DDoS) against any service


Bans are not always the best solution to ridding of an individual from a community or place of interest. There are some cons; most notably the following:

  • A ban can only lock out a computer address, not the individual (the individual is still free to take advantage of the use of proxies and other computers)
  • Long ban lists require much storage and maintenance

Bans can yet be useful during certain instances as a means of discouragement of and prevention from behaving in an agreeably unfavorable manner; most often when an individual is simply not abiding by any crucial guideline of some sort and/or is shaping an unpleasant atmosphere for others.