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These are the people who have contributed (patches, additions or other) to odamex.

For a list of current maintainers, see MAINTAINERS

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Name E-Mail/Contact info Contribution
AlexMax alexmayfield carolina(dot)rr(dot)com Helped on documentation and testing
anarkavre anarkavre zoominternet(dot)net Original lead developer, helped get odamex off the ground
Dashiva N/A Provided a useful expert opinion on doom2.exe physics and contributed during early development
deathz0r deathz0r odamex(dot)net Maintaining documentation and NSIS installer and also doing testing and code cleanups
denis denis voxelsoft(dot)com Former lead coder
destx destx slipgate(dot)org Provided original launcher icons and teaser web graphics
Dr. Sean sean odamex(dot)net Provided original launcher icons and teaser web graphics
Fly N/A Original programmer of Odamex's predecessor, CSDoom.
GhostlyDeath ghostlydeath gmail(dot)com Built and designed the spectator code
Hyper_Eye N/A Built the thread code for the Odamex Launcher, assists with coding.
joe joejkennedy gmail(dot)com Helping with coding
Manc mike odamex(dot)net Provides hosting and is also the website designer/admin and one of the project managers
Ralphis ralphis odamex(dot)net Helps with testing, maintains the wiki, and is a project manager
Randy Heit smordak yahoo(dot)com Creator of ZDoom, granted Odamex GPL blessing for ZDoom 1.22
Russell russell odamex(dot)net Maintains launcher code and does other coding tasks
SoM somtwo gmail(dot)com Replaced old interface code with SDL, making it more cross-platform
Toke Toke memorial site Designed the CTF, mouse and scoreboard/console background code for Odamex, we'll miss you man, RIP :'(