How to run a server

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If you would like to run a server, then simply run the "odasrv" application from the installation directory. You should then automatically have a server up and running with default configuration.

Basics of Configuring a Server

The server can be started with or without command line parameters. The default behaviour is to bind to local UDP port 10666 (or the next available port; the server console will display the port). The server then finds and loads the WAD files (default: odamex.wad and doom2.wad), loads a map, and begins accepting connections. Unless you have made any changes to settings, the server will run with a default configuration. You should test the server with a client.

Public/private server

First of all, decide if you want your server to be displayed on the Odamex public server list. Set usemasters appropriately.

If you are running a public server, it is a good idea to give it a name. You can name it whatever you choose, but if you want to provide insight reflecting what kind of WAD and game type is being run on it, then do so. To name a public server you must type sv_hostname "x" into the server console, where "x" is the name of the server (with quotes included). Check that the server appears listed on a master server.

Useful settings

Then you can customize server settings with variables and commands. Here are a few examples to get you going:

  • wad x.wad -- Loads the given PWAD, whose name is to be typed in place of the "x".
  • map MAPxx or ExMx -- Goes to the specified map, where the "x"'s represent digits such as "01" for MAP01. "ExMx" is used when the Ultimate Doom or Shareware Doom is being run, where the "x"'s also represent digits, such as "1" and "1" for E1M1
  • sv_gametype x -- Sets the indicated game mode, where "x" represents the value of the desired mode. Please refer to the sv_gametype article for more information on what modes are currently available in Odamex.
  • rcon_password x -- Sets a remote password for the server. This allows access to server control from within a client console. "x" is the password used within the server and client to set a password and login respectively.

Check out the Basic Server Settings article for a longer list of useful settings.

Further configuration

Map and WAD cycles

You may wish to set up a map or wad rotation using the addmap command.

Useful commands


You can use rquit instead of quit when quickly restarting a server, such as within a script. This will tell clients to reconnect immediately, and would provide a smooth transition. You should start a new server on the same port as soon as possible (otherwise players might get bored of waiting and leave).


sv_usemasters is used to set your server as either private or public.


The if command allows to run another command depending on the comparison of a cvar and a static expression. Allows you to script your server.

Other commands

Please see Server commands.

Useful variables

sv_startmapscript and sv_endmapscript contain the scripts that are to be run during map reloads. This can be used to override cvars, but the scripts cannot issue commands. A more flexible alternative to the classic map cycling.

Other variables

Please see Server variables.

Handy Tips

Setting game modes

See sv_gametype article.

Running a Cooperative server

Some single player maps with coop spawns aren't designed that well and the map may become unfinishable (doors become unopenable, paths become blocked etc). To mitigate this, set emptyreset 1, this allows the map to be reloaded each time when everyone leaves. Which has a higher chance of being finished, it also allows a fresh map to be played with all monsters alive again.

Optional Services

We provide a range of extended services for running servers to improve experience of both players and server administrators.

Master servers

See information about our master servers.

Software updates

Odamex currently does not support automatic software updates. Thus, server runners are responsible for making sure their Odamex server is up-to-date, as older server versions will not appear on newer versions of the Odamex Launcher.

Getting help

You can easily talk to us if you have a specific problem or wish to make a request.