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* [[Compiling Environments]]
* [[Compiling Environments]]
* [[Required Libraries]]
* [[Required Libraries]]
* [[Tools]]
== Step 3: Compiling Odamex ==
== Step 3: Compiling Odamex ==

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Odamex is open source. This means that it is possible to obtain and compile Odamex from source if you so desire. The Odamex team wishes to make this process as painless as possible, therefore detailed instructions for how to build Odamex are provided in this section.

Step 1: Getting the source

There are two ways to obtain the source to Odamex:

  • Download the latest stable version from the official Odamex website
  • Get the absolute latest modifications through anonymous Subversion access

Step 2: Getting required files

When you download Odamex, it's almost ready to go, right out of the box. However, you need something to compile it with. In addition, Odamex relies on extra libraries in order to function.

Step 3: Compiling Odamex

You have all the pieces of the puzzle...now it's time to build.

Step 4: Compiling the Launcher

So you want to mess around with the Launcher? Here's how to do it.

Step 5: Building odamex.wad

This will show you how to build the latest odamex.wad file

Note: odamex.wad gets built automatically when using the Makefile